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The Charles Maves family portrait


Your left to right back row............. Bert; Carl; Victor; Albert; Gerge; Max
Front & Second row. Correne's Grandpa Charlie; Herbert; Nellie; Grandma Augusta; Lidia

Source: A child of Herbert is Correne Maves. Residence at Dunn county, Wisconsin. She is the source of the names given. She said Bert lived in Oregon. Carl was a Methodist preacher. See me for details on Victor.

HERBERT [Herb] MAVES son of Charles Maves and Augusta Hine [ Hein] is in their family portrait. Can you find him? Sporting the Whiskers is of course the father Charles. Ahhhh, maybe the love of whiskers and mustaches is a family trait?? A good source tells me that Herbert is the youngest child at the left.

Herbert comes from the long line of Mewes from Stettin Poland or vorpommern. Julius Frederick Mewes was found there with his wife Charlotte of the Schwane familien name.

Julius Frederick Maves son Johann Gottlieb Maves with wife Caroline YOEKES or JOECKES and family emigrated in 1856 to America on Bark Mississippi. I am told it was at the time of arrival to America that the name was changed to Maves.

I wonder why. I have seen other Maves names. Were they from the same family too. I have seen in the same county where these descendants of this family lived, another family seemingly unrelated bearing the name Mewes. I think Mewes was a fairly common name, too.

Often times the name change happens at the check in point at Castle Garden, when the officials perhaps influence he nervous immigrants. And it sticks?

But that may not be the case. On the passenger list of the [ship] Bark Mississippi listed as 10.June.1856 we find the name listed as Maves. I think I have seen it listed at another site as Mawes.

I'd love to know the actual reason. It would be interesting to find out.

Their destination was to be Chicago, Illinois. Somehow they made their way to Pierce county, Wisconsin living a short time by Baldwin. From there to Buffalo county and eventually to Dunn county.

Note: My thanks goes to A. Larsen for this and all my other photographs. Including in my generous thanks is my appreciation for the permission to use them here at The roots of it all blog.
Sources: My other blog pages [lol]Correne Husby.

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