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Johann Gottlieb Maves obituary in Eau Claire's newspaper

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Death of Old Pioneer.
Gottlieb Maves, aged 86, died of
pneumonia at Sister's Hospital at
there on a visit to his daughter, Mrs.
F.S. Lemke. He was there only a
few days when he took sick with
pneumonia. He was buried in
the family lot at Iron Creek,
Dunn county, Wis., of which
Place he was one of the first
settlers, arriving there in 1861.
He worked at the Daniel Shaw
Lumber company of this city
during the years 1861,1862 and
1863. He always thought and
spoke well of Messrs. Bullen and
Wyman, who were his foremen
while he worked there.
He was at a time a leading
agriculturist and a member
of good standing of the the
Evangelical Association.
Mrs Maves died fourteen
years ago. There were nine children
in all of which two died in infancy.
Charles and Fred Maves at Rusk,
well- to- do farmers; William at
Hortonville, Wi. ; Theodore at
Washington; John Maves 608
Fulton street; Mrs Franck Lemke
Superior; and Edward at Milwaukee.
In all there are thirty-one grand
children and twenty-one great
grand children. The last few
years he lived with his oldest
son at Rusk.

18.March.1908 Eau Claire Leader, Eau Claire, Wi.

I suspect there may have been an article in the Superior area newspaper as well.

Just the year before in June Elk Mound at Chas [Charles] age56 and Augusta Maves age 56. Daughter Lydia 34, Victor age 22, George age 20, Hubert, 16, Nelly age 13, and Gotlibb age 83.
Gottlieb was widowed.

Wife - Augusta or Auguste Hein, Hine, Heim. You will find that there seems to be many variations of her name. born 1850. Her father is August Hines.

In another census the name Lemke is also Lanke. In the one account of 1880 Gotlibb is born July 1821 Germany and married 1852. Daughter Sarah wife of Frank.

Often times the census gives various dates of Immigration.

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