Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Sons of Charles Maves and Augusta Hine

Today I want to put all the photos of Charles [ Chas] Maves family
together so that it might be easier to identify today Herbert from the other sons in that family.

Please forgive me for lightening up the picture. It wasn't my intent. Perhaps I should have darkened it more . Half of the face seems to be faded out. It seems what is good for one subject is not so great for another. I find it very difficult to pick out Herbert in this photo of him with his brothers. If it helps at all I contrasted it as much as I could. Herbert -->

You see yet another photo from A. Larsons Maves genealogy collection. I hope she knows how grateful I am for everything she has done.

AT the risk of too much sepia tone, I am going to add another one a lot darker. I prefer the look of sepia rather than black and white.

Again, if you know who is who, please help me.

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