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Charles and Johann Gottlieb Julius Mews Maves

Johann Gottlieb Maves obituary in Eau Claire's newspaper

Information taken from

Death of Old Pioneer.
Gottlieb Maves, aged 86, died of
pneumonia at Sister's Hospital at
there on a visit to his daughter, Mrs.
F.S. Lemke. He was there only a
few days when he took sick with
pneumonia. He was buried in
the family lot at Iron Creek,
Dunn county, Wis., of which
Place he was one of the first
settlers, arriving there in 1861.
He worked at the Daniel Shaw
Lumber company of this city
during the years 1861,1862 and
1863. He always thought and
spoke well of Messrs. Bullen and
Wyman, who were his foremen
while he worked there.
He was at a time a leading
agriculturist and a member
of good standing of the the
Evangelical Association.
Mrs Maves died fourteen
years ago. There were nine children
in all of which two died in infancy.
Charles and Fred Maves at Rusk,
well- to- do farmers; William at
Hortonville, Wi. ; Theodore at
Washington; John Maves 608
Fulton street; Mrs Franck Lemke
Superior; and Edward at Milwaukee.
In all there are thirty-one grand
children and twenty-one great
grand children. The last few
years he lived with his oldest
son at Rusk.

18.March.1908 Eau Claire Leader, Eau Claire, Wi.

I suspect there may have been an article in the Superior area newspaper as well.

Just the year before in June Elk Mound at Chas [Charles] age56 and Augusta Maves age 56. Daughter Lydia 34, Victor age 22, George age 20, Hubert, 16, Nelly age 13, and Gotlibb age 83.
Gottlieb was widowed.

Wife - Augusta or Auguste Hein, Hine, Heim. You will find that there seems to be many variations of her name. born 1850. Her father is August Hines.

In another census the name Lemke is also Lanke. In the one account of 1880 Gotlibb is born July 1821 Germany and married 1852. Daughter Sarah wife of Frank.

Often times the census gives various dates of Immigration.

Kilgore / Simmons Maves' Letter

Gosh, you guys are just lucky today; that I have time to make yet another post on the Maves/ Mewes/ Mews family name. I kind of want to rehash something I mentioned about the name change a few posts down the page. I had said that even in coming to Amerika they already had the name changed. At least in the ship list I read about the Bark Mississipppi the name was not Mewes or Mews.

As I was browsing for some information off the web with google [ Of course what else] I ran into the Kilgore / Simmons link with a Maves letter [ Which is no surprise. ] from Wilbur Wesley Maves to Bud. { I am not sure who he is.] on the topic of his family from Stettin Poland. He mentions this name change. I find it amusing for some reason and so I am going to cut a part or portion of it for you. [wink] Then a little discussion about the letter. If you pay attention you can pick up a couple new facts. I helped a little by highlighting a few things to draw your attention.

It rings a little like an obit. I read in the Eau Claire Leader the other day.
[Note: Which I still must find to document the date]

16 Oct 1982

Dear Bud,
My son, Carl Edwin Maves, forwarded the letter, which you wrote to him on July 10, to me. I am Wilbur Wesley Maves, born 25 Feb 1908 in Superior Wis. of parents who were both born in Dunn County. I am assuming that you refer to Menomonie, the county seat of Dunn Co. located near Eau Claire, Wis., in your letter. I am sure we are related but just how I am not sure. I am sorry that I haven't answered your letter sooner, but there are many reasons; one of the most important is that we (my wife and I) were in Wisconsin most of the summer.

I will try to find some Maves related to both of us. My ancestor, who founded the family in America was John, Gottlieb, Julius Mews according to a niece who has done research on the family tree. My father always referred to Gottlieb as his grandfather and I have no idea where the names John and Julius came from. My great-grandfather Gottlieb Maves was quite a guy. I admire him very much. For one thing, he was so 'fed-up' with everything European that he anglicised the name. Mews in German is pronounced Maves (M, A as in Ahab, Vay the German W and S). I have much more information on the Mews spelling of our name but will save it for a later time.

Gottlieb Maves had a large family, as was common in those times. Charles (my grandfather) was the oldest. Fred, the second oldest, lived on a farm near his brother Charles. When I was small my dad sometimes visited his Uncle Fred and I played with some of my second cousins; however I cannot name any names. It is possible that our relationship is through my dad's Uncle Fred. Others in Gottlieb's family were Theodore, once a street-car motorman in Milwaukee, but I remember him as a farmer somewhere in Central Wisconsin. Here, too, a relationship is possible.

John, who I remember well was a florist in Eau Claire, and died with no children. Sarah lived in Superior and had four daughters. William lived near Appleton (I should have mentioned him before Aunt Sarah) changed the name Maves back to Mews. The youngest Edward lived in Milwaukee and I am very familiar with his children, my cousins (once removed) Victor, Julia & Violet. My niece also mentions August and Heinrich as two sons of Gottlieb. This is a surprise to me as I have no recollection of my father ever talking about his Uncle August or Uncle Heinrich. I don't know that they lived to adulthood, but if they did here too is a possible connection.

And this passage.

There was, also, a group of Maves' who lived near Stanley in Wisconsin. My father, who was a minister and official in the Evangelical Church (now United Methodist) was well known and travelled extensively in Wisconsin. He often visited his 'cousins' and friends in Stanley. They (the Stanley Maves') and my dad never did establish their exact relationship. Our ancestor, Gottlieb, came to America in 1853. Their ancestor, whom they were not sure was a brother or cousin of Gottlieb arrived, as I remember, about 10 years later. By coincidence, they also anglicized the name.

Many years ago my dad had a cousin Fred who lived in Fairfield Cal. In fact, our family corresponded (Christmas Cards etc) with Edna Maves, whom I believe was Fred's widow. How are Fred and Edna related to you? My dad visited some relatives who lived near Napa years ago but I don't recall that they carried the name Maves.

I guess this is enough for a first letter. I look forward to hearing from you and am interested in how we may be related. Incidently, I am an electrical engineer, retired from the faculty of the California State Polytechnic University (Cal Poly) in Pomona. I lived and worked in Milwaukee in 1943 when we moved to California. Here I worked in industry until 1966 when I joined the faculty at Cal Poly.

Sincerely, Bill W.W.Maves.

(In the margins of the first page is this note: You might tell your sister that my cousin Florence Maves Heft lives in Sunnyvale Phone 735-1455)

Well there it is, a filled letter of info. The best read letters are those with Genealogical intent. The Kilgore tree carries another letter too. By the way, I found them by accident fishing for info on Wilhelmina Meyer and saw the Taylor namen so I stopped to bite. I love Genealogy accidents!

As promised a discussion, though small, on the letter.

1- Julius a first name was Gottliebs fathers name.

2- Stanley Wi. A few years back a fellow worker/and part time pastor mentioned a Husby family living at Stanley. I was not then looking for a Jacob Husby did not pay attention to the names he mentioned. And now it is interesting to read of other Maves there.

3- It is not surprising to find settlement at Milwaukee, which is not that far from Chicago. One of the earliest settlements in Wi was Reedsburg, Loganville,Sauk co, [Baraboo a place as well]. Plus, others passengers on the ship they traveled with had intentions to go to Milwaukee.

4- One must remember the spelling of Mews while searching. And variations in spellings. Such as census spellings as in Gotlibb, Gotlib, or Gottlieb. Bill instead of William and John instead of Johann. I am sure this family angelized as soon as possible.

5- Is it right to correct a spelling error in somonee else's letter?

6- Bud is Clarence 'Bud' Emil Maves, who died 1984.

Well, we haven't discussed nearly all the highlights, but your still welcome to bring them up yourself, or anything you like. I just know that this little post is not so little anymore. I'll save more for later.

Note: Wilbur died 1994.

Source of info and letter here:

just me jo

Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Sons of Charles Maves and Augusta Hine

Today I want to put all the photos of Charles [ Chas] Maves family
together so that it might be easier to identify today Herbert from the other sons in that family.

Please forgive me for lightening up the picture. It wasn't my intent. Perhaps I should have darkened it more . Half of the face seems to be faded out. It seems what is good for one subject is not so great for another. I find it very difficult to pick out Herbert in this photo of him with his brothers. If it helps at all I contrasted it as much as I could. Herbert -->

You see yet another photo from A. Larsons Maves genealogy collection. I hope she knows how grateful I am for everything she has done.

AT the risk of too much sepia tone, I am going to add another one a lot darker. I prefer the look of sepia rather than black and white.

Again, if you know who is who, please help me.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Charles Maves family portrait


Your left to right back row............. Bert; Carl; Victor; Albert; Gerge; Max
Front & Second row. Correne's Grandpa Charlie; Herbert; Nellie; Grandma Augusta; Lidia

Source: A child of Herbert is Correne Maves. Residence at Dunn county, Wisconsin. She is the source of the names given. She said Bert lived in Oregon. Carl was a Methodist preacher. See me for details on Victor.

HERBERT [Herb] MAVES son of Charles Maves and Augusta Hine [ Hein] is in their family portrait. Can you find him? Sporting the Whiskers is of course the father Charles. Ahhhh, maybe the love of whiskers and mustaches is a family trait?? A good source tells me that Herbert is the youngest child at the left.

Herbert comes from the long line of Mewes from Stettin Poland or vorpommern. Julius Frederick Mewes was found there with his wife Charlotte of the Schwane familien name.

Julius Frederick Maves son Johann Gottlieb Maves with wife Caroline YOEKES or JOECKES and family emigrated in 1856 to America on Bark Mississippi. I am told it was at the time of arrival to America that the name was changed to Maves.

I wonder why. I have seen other Maves names. Were they from the same family too. I have seen in the same county where these descendants of this family lived, another family seemingly unrelated bearing the name Mewes. I think Mewes was a fairly common name, too.

Often times the name change happens at the check in point at Castle Garden, when the officials perhaps influence he nervous immigrants. And it sticks?

But that may not be the case. On the passenger list of the [ship] Bark Mississippi listed as 10.June.1856 we find the name listed as Maves. I think I have seen it listed at another site as Mawes.

I'd love to know the actual reason. It would be interesting to find out.

Their destination was to be Chicago, Illinois. Somehow they made their way to Pierce county, Wisconsin living a short time by Baldwin. From there to Buffalo county and eventually to Dunn county.

Note: My thanks goes to A. Larsen for this and all my other photographs. Including in my generous thanks is my appreciation for the permission to use them here at The roots of it all blog.
Sources: My other blog pages [lol]Correne Husby.

Edited Oct 22,2010.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Cyndy's List Offers Genealogy Lnks For Ifo of Counties of Wisconsin.

I had to get a new to me computer to make up for the other one being down half the time and it was becoming a major money pit. I only hope I can save the files. It's thursday before good friday. so today, I think I will show you what is good in Wi. genealogy sources.
Courtesy of Cynd's list. You know one could spend weeks exploring her fabulous info.

These are just a few and you can check out others on her list. They were links on her list, but not probably on mine.

The Counties have the same media and information available. Published on May 30, 2008., WI, Barron Co. Records Barron County, WI resources including newspapers, school records, vital records, cemeteries, obituaries and more. A growing collection.
WI, Brown Co. Records Brown County,
WI, Burnett Co. Records Burnett County, WI.
WI, Columbia Co. Records Columbia County, WI.
WI, Dane Co. Records Dane County, WI.
WI, Dodge Co. Records Dodge County, WI/
WI, Douglas Co. Records Douglas County, WI.
WI, Eau Claire Co. Records Eau Claire County, WI.
WI, Fon Du Lac Co. Records

and more counties.

However, Dunn county was not listed. I do know from my own research there and especially through Ms. Schwartz's fabulous works, they have excellent resources available. I am going to make sure soon that I have posted all the necessary links to that county at my blog roll on the side. Check back to see.