Thursday, April 9, 2009

Cyndy's List Offers Genealogy Lnks For Ifo of Counties of Wisconsin.

I had to get a new to me computer to make up for the other one being down half the time and it was becoming a major money pit. I only hope I can save the files. It's thursday before good friday. so today, I think I will show you what is good in Wi. genealogy sources.
Courtesy of Cynd's list. You know one could spend weeks exploring her fabulous info.

These are just a few and you can check out others on her list. They were links on her list, but not probably on mine.

The Counties have the same media and information available. Published on May 30, 2008., WI, Barron Co. Records Barron County, WI resources including newspapers, school records, vital records, cemeteries, obituaries and more. A growing collection.
WI, Brown Co. Records Brown County,
WI, Burnett Co. Records Burnett County, WI.
WI, Columbia Co. Records Columbia County, WI.
WI, Dane Co. Records Dane County, WI.
WI, Dodge Co. Records Dodge County, WI/
WI, Douglas Co. Records Douglas County, WI.
WI, Eau Claire Co. Records Eau Claire County, WI.
WI, Fon Du Lac Co. Records

and more counties.

However, Dunn county was not listed. I do know from my own research there and especially through Ms. Schwartz's fabulous works, they have excellent resources available. I am going to make sure soon that I have posted all the necessary links to that county at my blog roll on the side. Check back to see.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Norway Heritage Community - Jacob Husby Emigration Dominion via ch. 4.4.1888

A few years back I was trying to find Jacob, who was a missing brother of John Husby. This research on Husby family, but lost to me; was done by Ruth JACOBASON [ Just to clear it up, Jacobson was not from HUSBY family.] Later I found it done by Linda Swartz and her friends at Tronderlage List at rootsweb. [More on that later\

This is one source I tried. My little session with them still can be found on line. [lol]

Heritage Community - Jacob Husby Emigration Dominion via ch. 4.4.1888
"There is alot of information on this site about the Dominion Line and the ships
Oregon and Vancouver. The Dominion Line operated from Liverpool to
Quebec/Montreal, Baltimore in the winter, New Orleans and Philadephia.

The Vancouver arrived from Liverpool to Vancouver on April 20, 1888 and
to Quebec on April 27, 1888.

The Oregon arrived from Liverpool to
Halifax, Canada on April 15, 1888.

The Hero was a feeder ship that took
emigrants from Norway to Hull, England and on to Liverpool or Glascow for their
voyage to North America.

I do not know of any online records for
Canadian arrivals at this time. The appropriate microfilms for these passenger
lists are available for rental at a local Family History Center if you have
access to that .

Are you trying to find Jacob Husby in America?"

Yes I was. I have areas of possible settlement to South Dakota, Montana, Washington or Oregon, Iowa, Illinois, Eastern coastal state. Alaska. It has been awhile since I looked. I think I might have found a ship of Jacobs same as above, but I will have to renew the search. His name could be Johansen, Johanson, Jonson, Johnson, and Johnsen. family Lore says these. Though Passage records has him listed as Husby intention.

I have tried searching for him by trying to find the others who were also listed as leaveing. I am going here by my old memory : Carlson to Duluth, Monk or Moen to Kansas.

Note: A son Lars Husby was born and some of his family may be in America. At one time I thought there was possibilities in finding them together. More on all this later.