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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Johann Gottlieb MAVES/Caroline YOEKES

Caroline Yoecks was married to Johann Maves. I haven't spent enough research time on the Yokes family. I have found a few other Yokes in the Dunn county area. I did find quite a bit on the Maves family. My interest started with their Hein - Hine family. Also the Hasse surname has some intrique. Due to interest in various surnames on A Rootdigger I made several posts there about the Maves family.
Lets start with one big source for my found data on the Maves family. Maves came to America with Destination to Chicago. They spent several years in other counties than just Dunn county, Wisconsin. Later some of the young men went to California to make their fortune in the housing industry. You will find this information posted at A Rootdigger.

Johann Gottlieb MAVES/Caroline YOEKES

If your interested in more on the family click the above link.

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